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Curb Stone Mould,A011


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    • Commodity name: Curb Stone Mould,A011
    • Commodity ID: A011

    The curb stone mould can be customized,  There are various types of cement block molds. We can process all kinds of specifications and styles of block molds according to the customer's requirements of brick samples or drawings:paver mold, slab molds, curb mold, permeable paver mold, standard  brick mold,wall and earth retention block mold and other special molds.

    Main feature:

    1. Different quality steel materials are used in different parts of the mold.

    2.In the same set of molds, different heat treatment methods are adopted according to different requirements. (Mainly, CNC nitriding technology, carburizing technology, carbonitriding technology, high-frequency quenching technology, etc.)

    3.Design structure combined with the advantages of the family, using the unique die-to-card connection, mold and crane beam welded connection, integrated cutting connection of grass bricks, etc.

    4.Machining by wire cutting method, so that the upper and lower unilateral gap of the mold: the floor tile is reduced to 0.3-0.4mm, and the block is 0.6-1mm.

    5.The comprehensive heat treatment process makes the mold have a longer service life.





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