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Servo Block Making Machine,UNT1200S

  • Product Description
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    • Commodity name: Servo Block Making Machine,UNT1200S
    • Commodity ID: UNT1200S

    To make high retaining wall block, we have designed the servo block machine to produce block at 400mm height and enlarge the molding area up to 1300*1150mm While the output can be increased by 20%, it also saves 15% in energy and 10% in noise compared with ordinary equipment. This helps us to maintain the demand of our customers who require energy saving, fast response speed, high pressure and flow control accuracy, we can manufacture a semi-automatic paving block machine or an automatic one depending on the choice of the customer. On this retaining wall block making plant automation system is at high-level, from Concrete Mixer to Stacking Unit everything is controlled via PLC by the central operating panel and also very less labor is required which saves time & money.


    Main features:

    1. The mould is clamped in the machine by German made “BOSCH” air bag system to the mold suspension for better compaction and faster mold change.

    2. Unique distribution system combines multiple cells of barrows and enclosed belt conveyor, the system’s continuous movement is controlled by photo-electric switch. Thus makes it easy to change the raw material mixing ratio and ensures promptitude and accuracy.

    3. The electro-hydraulic servo-hydraulic control system adopts Delta frequency conversion, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast hydraulic action, energy saving, etc. At the same time, it can realize soft action, reduce hard impact, and effectively improve the service life of equipment

    4. The four-axis servo motor synchronous vibration system can be used to integrate a number of technologies such as computer control,Delta frequency conversion system, and motor drive control.


    Technical specifications:

    Overall dimension 3725×2050×3700mm Vibration method Synchronous mode of table & mould
    Pallet size 1100×880×25-30mm Vibration frequency 50-70Hz
    Working area 1050×800mm Machine power 49.5kW
    Machine weight 13900kg Cycle time 15s-20s depending on the product size


    Production Capacity

    Specification of products (mm) Number of blocks per pallet Pieces/ hour Pieces/8 hours
    Block 400×200×200 10 2,400 19,200
    Hollow Block 400×100×200 18 3,240 25,920
    Interlock Paver 225×112.5×60 24 5,760 46,080
    Rectangular Paver 200×100×60/80 35 8,400 67,200
    Key words:
    • operation
    • concrete products



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