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    A proportional relief valve is a type of pressure relief valve that provides precise control of pressure in hydraulic systems. As the name suggests, proportional relief valves allow for proportional adjustment of the relief pressure, giving greater control and flexibility to the user.

    These valves are particularly useful in applications where precise pressure control is critical, such as in aerospace and automotive systems. They can also be used in industrial and manufacturing applications, where precise pressure control is necessary to ensure the safe and efficient operation of machinery.

    Proportional relief valves work by using a proportional solenoid to adjust the valve opening in response to changes in pressure. This allows for accurate and responsive control of pressure levels, even in dynamic systems where pressure fluctuations are common.

    If you are in need of precise pressure control in your hydraulic system, a proportional relief valve may be the solution for you. These valves offer a wide range of benefits, including improved safety, efficiency, and reliability, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your application.





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