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Slope Block Mould,A001


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    • Commodity name: Slope Block Mould,A001
    • Commodity ID: A001

    The slope block mould produced by our factory uses advanced carburizing treatment method, which has high anti-wear times and high service life.The design meets the needs of the process and is economical and reasonable. The mold can be customized, welcome to consult the custom block machine mold. There are various types of cement block molds. For example rectangle paver mould, planter paver mould, small-hole brick mould, landscape mould, curbstone block mould, grass paver mould,retaining paver mould and other design mould.

    Main feature:

    1.Wear resistance

    The mold should have a certain degree of wear resistance, so that it can be durable in the process of product production. Under normal circumstances, the parts of the mold should have a strong hardness, so that the wear resistance of the mold will be better.

    2.Strong toughness

    Most of the working conditions of the mold are very bad, and some of them often bear a large impact load, so the mold has only strong toughness to make it work in harsh environments.

    3.High temperature performance

    When the mold is operated at high temperatures, the strength and hardness of the mold may be affected, resulting in early wear or plastic deformation of the mold and failure. Therefore, the mold material should have good high temperature resistance to ensure normal operation under high temperature environment, and ensure that the mold produced has high hardness and strength.

    4. Corrosion resistance

    Some molds such as plastic molds work, due to the presence of chlorine, fluorine and other elements in the plastic, these highly aggressive gases will be very corrosive to the mold, so the mold must have strong corrosion resistance to ensure the mold the normal work.

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