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Interlock Paver Mould,A006


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    • Commodity name: Interlock Paver Mould,A006
    • Commodity ID: A006

    Since 2008 we were partner factory to supply mold for domestic block machine manufacturer,Unik machinery has been able to provide a solution for your needs,no matter you need parts for your existing mold,or a new complete custom mold.The life span will be 80,000-100,000 cycle times with our special heat treatment and accurate CNC machine shop. moudling box is adopted special suspended connecting method which makes the vibration can be delivery to moulding box fast and effective.so the material can be equally charged.when producing, concrete is liquefied adequately and instantly by dais mould-pressing co-vibration,and is exhausted to make it high density and high strength.

    Mold processing technology

    1.The first step of the mold processing flow chart requires the preparation of materials. The cement brick machine produces different brick types, and the materials used for the mold are also different. When processing the mold, people need to choose the mold suitable for the characteristics of the product to be processed. Material, when processing different molds, the choice of material is very important.

    2.When processing the mold, determine the materials required for processing, according to the processing flow chart, roughen the mold, and initially process the plane and side surface, then finish processing, choose a grinder, and use male splints or other during the processing The processing method is continuous grinding, and the finishing process is very high. Generally, the surface should be ground to a right angle

    3.slide the mold, drill the marked template, heat the mold, and continuously process, quench and grind the template, which makes it easier to polish the mold at right angles and facilitate the processing of cutting lines.

    4. In the process of processing the mold, each accessory must be carefully checked so that each accessory can be assembled. After assembly, the mold needs to be debugged. After assembly, it can be put into use after passing the test.

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