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  • Product Description
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    • Commodity name: Concrete Batching machine

    Concrete batching machine consists of feeding system, weighing system and electric control system.


    Main features:

    1. Feeding system: It is composed of a storage hopper and a feeding device. Its function is to store materials and feed materials to the weighing hopper under the control of the control system.

    2. Weighing system: The weighing system is an important part of the batching machine, which consists of a weighing hopper, a suspension device, a weighing system sensor, and a batching controller.

    3. Electric control system: The electric control system is the core part of the batching machine, and its function is to control the weighing, display, operation of the entire batching machine and complete various automatic batching procedures. The system consists of two parts: batching controller and strong electric circuit.


    Techinical specification:                                    

      PL800 PL1200 PL1600 PL2400
    Weighted capacity  0.8m3 1.2m3 1.6m3 2.4m3
    Storage bucket capacity  2×2m3 3×4m3 3×7m3 4×10m3
    Productivity  48m3/h 72m3/h 96m3/h 120m3/h
    Batching precision  ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
    Max. Weight Capacity  1500 KG 2000 KG 3000KG 4000kg
    Batching category 2 3 3 3
    Loading height  2300mm 2500m 2600mm 2900mm
    Dimension 5470×1820×2810mm 8650×2000×2900mm 9600×2300×3070mm 9900×2000×3300mm
    Power  6.6kW 10.6kW 14.4kW 18
    Weight  2300 kg 4000 kg 5600  kg 10500kg
    Key words:
    • Concrete Batching machine
    • Feeding system
    • Weighing system
    • Electric control system






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