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Concrete lintel machine

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    • Commodity name: Concrete lintel machine

    Concrete lintel machine is a new type of construction machinery, which is widely used in the push forming of various prestressed concrete lintels and woods in buildings. Compared with the traditional manual forming methods), the strength is high and the appearance is smooth and fast forming. Good quality and labor-saving, time-saving, material-saving, reduce labor intensity. The machine has reasonable structure, flexible operation, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption and high production efficiency.


    Technical specifications:

    Model productivity Hole No. Hole diameter productivity
     ZB120-240-2  1.3-1.5m/min 2 65mm  1.3-1.5m/min
     ZB120-240-2  1.3-1.5m/min 2 65mm  1.3-1.5m/min
     ZB120-240-4  1.3-1.5m/min 4 65mm  1.3-1.5m/min
     ZB120-370-3  1.3-1.5m/min 3 80mm  1.3-1.5m/min

    We can design different types of concrete lintel machine according to your requirements. 

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