Structural features and characteristics of Descending Palletizer system



Descending Palletizer system is a high-tech product integrating machinery and electronics.

Descending Palletizer system is a high-tech product integrating machinery and electronics. The medium and low-level Descending Palletizer system can meet the production needs of low-to-medium output. It can complete the stacking of various products such as bags, rubber blocks, shells, etc. according to the specified teaming method and the number of superimposed layers. The design scheme of the control promotes the stack shape to be close and neat.

Descending Palletizer system

Structural features

The middle and low-level Descending Palletizer system is mainly composed of paving conveyor, slow-stop conveyor, seventh chord conveyor, tray warehouse, tray conveyor, teaming machine, bag pushing equipment, stacking equipment, and pallet conveyor. . Its overall design is improved, and its posture is stable and reliable. The stacking process is completely automatic, no manual control is required during normal operation, and it has a wide range of applications.

Automatic control system characteristics

Key hydraulic control systems, including programmable controllers, variable frequency variable speed control boards, limit switches, rotary switches and terminal blocks, are all made of high-quality products to ensure the stability and long life of the system software and hardware configuration. The combination of high-quality hardware configuration and professional monitoring software designed by authoritative experts realizes the highly automated technology of the system. A sound safety interlock system can provide protection for equipment and operating personnel. Graphics show that the touch screen makes the Descending Palletizer system easy to operate, easy to troubleshoot, and at the same time facilitates repair and maintenance.