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Fully Automatic Block Machine,UNT1300S

  • Product Description
  • Project
    • Commodity name: Fully Automatic Block Machine,UNT1300S
    • Commodity ID: UNT1300S

    Compared with ordinary block machine, servo block making machine is design at a lower frequency for the material feeding, after finish material feeding, the vibrating table vibrates at a higher frequency and presses the brick simultaneously. The special vibration and distribution system of this series of equipment can meet the needs of users for producing different products , such as color paver, standard brick, (bearing, common, split) block, grass planting brick, and concrete products such as curbstone, slope block, chain brick, etc. It is widely used in building construction industry, Road Development, Government projects


    Main features:

    1. The overall strength and surface strength of colored paver are improved due to servo vibration,the concrete poducts produced by servo brick machine are more durable, able to withstand abrasion, impact and chemical attack also aesthetically attractive.

    2. advanced servo block making machine has improved production efficiency, good vibration effect, easy maintenance, and has been significantly improved in terms of energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction and product good rate.

    3. It can be customized to produce products with a height of 400mm, which is suitable for the production of large-scale products, and the production of large-scale hydraulic slope protection and roadside stones, etc.

    4. The forced centrifugal feeding system prevents the concrete from liquefying in advance, and the mechanical work produces forced centrifugal unloading, so that the material can be used immediately after being poured, and the distribution can be quickly and evenly distributed.


    Technical specifications:

    Overall dimension 3625×2150×3700mm Vibration method Synchronous mode of table & mould
    Pallet size 1400×700×35-45mm Vibration frequency 50-70Hz
    Working area 1050×800mm Machine power 49.03kW
    Machine weight 14200kg Cycle time 15s-20s depending on the product size


    Production Capacity

    Specification of products (mm) Number of blocks per pallet Pieces/ hour Pieces/8 hours
    Block 400×200×200 10 2,400 19,200
    Hollow Block 400×100×200 18 3,240 25,920
    Interlock Paver 225×112.5×60 28 6,720 53,760
    Rectangular Paver 200×100×60/80 36 8,640 69,120



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