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    • Commodity name: Planetary Concrete Mixer

    UNIK planetary mixers are suitable for mixing all high-quality concretes (dry-hard, semi-dry-hard and plastic concrete) and achieve high homogeneity in the shortest time. They are also suitable for glass, ceramics, refractory and other industries. The specially developed reduction box can effectively distribute the power balance to each stirring device, and even under harsh production conditions, it can also ensure the low-noise transportation of the stirring university. At the same time, it saves more space. Compared with the traditional gearbox, the maintenance space of the mixer can be increased by 30%. The elastic coupling and hydraulic coupling (optional) can effectively protect the transmission system from the impact of overload.


    Techinical specification:                                    

      MP350 MP750 MP1000
    Input Capacity 500L 1125L 1500 L
    Output Capacity  350L 750L 1000 L
    Dia. of Mixing trough  1540mm 2196mm 2496mm
    Skipper Capacity   580L/870kg 1300L/1950kg 1740L/2610kg
    Skipper Lifting Speed 0.25m/s 0.25m/s 0.25m/s
    Mixing Power 15kW 30kW 37kW
    Skipper Lifting power  4kW 7.5kW 11kW
    Hydraulic Discharging Power  2.2kW 2.2kW 2.2kW
    Weight 1700kg 3500kg 6000kg
    Dimension   1910x1590x1747mm  2520x2280x2150mm  2893x2606x2217mm
    Key words:
    • Concrete Batching machine
    • Feeding system
    • Weighing system
    • Electric control system

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