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Cement Block Machine,UNT800

  • Product Description
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    • Commodity name: Cement Block Machine,UNT800
    • Commodity ID: Cement Block Machine,UNT800

    Our UNT800 Hollow Block Making Machine has a heavy duty,compact structure with advanced electronic,pneumatic and mechanical modules.It is capable of producing interlocking paving stones,turf stones,ornamental stones,edge stones,curb stones,full stones,hollow blocks,slabs and similar concrete products.This machine fulfils all necessary requirements to produce concrete products of the highest quality.

    Main features:

    1.The well-know imported brand integrated and independent hydraulic valves
    2.The vibration system of the machine is equipped with our standard frequency controlled vibration system which is creating a uniform vertical vibration.
    3.Helical Bevel Gear Reducer:Good meshing performance,Heavy coincidence and Compact structure
    4. It is suitable for medium-sized enterprises to establish a simple production line with a certain scale.

    Technical specifications:

    Overall dimension 3350×2090×3000mm Vibration method Synchronous mode of table & mould
    Pallet size 1100×680×25-30mm Vibration frequency 50-70Hz
    Working area 1070×640mm Machine power 48.53kW
    Machine weight 8200kg Cycle time 15s-20s depending on the product size


    Production Capacity

    Specification of products (mm) Number of blocks per pallet Pieces/ hour Pieces/8 hours
    Block  UNIK 400×200×200 7.5 1,260 10,080
    Hollow Block  UNIK 400×100×200 8 1,440 11,520
    Interlock Paver  UNIK 225×112.5×60 20 4,800 38,400
    Rectangular Paver  UNIK 240×115×53 27 6,480 51,840



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