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Interlocking Block Machine,UNT1200A

  • Product Description
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    • Commodity name: Interlocking Block Machine,UNT1200A
    • Commodity ID: UNT1200A

    Our UNT1200A automatic cement brick making machine can produce different kind of hollow blocks, paving blocks, solid blocks, curbstone blocks and so on only by changing the mold, it can produce 69000 pieces of rectangular paver in an eight-hour shift, is built with an extremely heavy duty frame structure.able to be come with 4 motors vibration system with electronic synchronization to ensure a extend type high efficient vibrotechnique, the concrete product will be high strength and density.

    Main features:

    1.The base coarse mix and face mix hopper (optional) and feed boxes are mounted in sub frames, which is vertically adjustable for different product heights. After adjustment by means of a mechanical clamping this frame is bolted to the main frame.
    2.The fresh concrete hoppers (base coarse mix and face mix) are located 90 degrees of the conveying direction and discharge is arranged directly into the feedbox. 
    3.Control system: It adopts intelligent control system of Fault diagnosis. There are dozens of operating modes of computer memory, which will greatly help saving time and money trouble shooting any machine operational problems. The control appliances are all international brands such as Japan Omron, ABB and Schneider.
    4.The machinery can be offered with many different handling systems to improve production efficiency depending on your budget, included Gantry-Type Palletiser,independent cuber, Transfer and Finger Car and Elevator and Lowerator for Pallets

    Technical specifications:

    Overall dimension 3550×2250×3285mm Vibration method Synchronous mode of table & mould
    Pallet size 1400×760×30-40mm Vibration frequency 50-70Hz
    Working area 1370×720mm Machine power 63.45kW
    Machine weight 12800kg Cycle time 15s-20s depending on the product size


    Production Capacity

    Specification of products (mm) Number of blocks per pallet Pieces/ hour Pieces/8 hours
    Block  UNIK 400×200×200 9 2,160 17,280
    Hollow Block  UNIK 400×100×200 18 3,240 25,920
    Interlock Paver  UNIK 225×112.5×60 25 6,000 48,000
    Rectangular Paver  UNIK 200×100×60/80 36 8,640 69,120



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