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Descending Palletizer system


  • Product Description
  • Project
    • Commodity name: Descending Palletizer system

    This automatic palletizing system can separate blocks of different specifications produced by different types of blocks, and arrange the blocks into 1000-1200 (mm) square stacks for stacking (standard solid bricks are stacked at one time). Up to 12 layers), after the bricks can be packaged with wrapping film. With the forklift holding clip, it can be directly carried to the site for stacking without a pallet, and the stacking height can hold 3 layers


    Technical specifications:

    Operational  Height (mm) 1750
    Pallet Specification (mm) Length:1100   Width:560-950
    Maximum Weight for Each Pallet with Blocks (kg) 400
    Cubing Specification (mm) 1000×1000 and 1200×1200
    Height of Cuber (mm) 1400
    Unloading Height (mm) ≤800
    Block Height (mm) 50-200
    Cycling Time (s) 13-16
    Collecting Pallet Height (mm) 800
    Power (kW) ≈50
    Weight 18600kg

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