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Hollow Block Mould,A004


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    • Commodity name: Hollow Block Mould,A004
    • Commodity ID: A004

    The hollow block mould has been used advanced carburizing treatment method, which has high anti-wear times and high service life. The design meets the needs of the process and is economical and reasonable. The mold can be customized, welcome to consult the custom block machine mold. There are various types of cement block molds. The key is to look at the required brick machine model mold specifications, mainly to produce cement brick machine molds, hydraulic block machine molds, grass brick molds, porous brick molds, standard brick molds, hollow brick molds, small porous Blocks, porous brick molds, bread brick molds, pavement brick molds, etc.

    Main feature:

    1. Cement brick mold is a key component of brick making machine and plays a decisive role in the finished product. The hollow brick mold produced by our factory is made of high quality alloy steel and processed by carburizing and quenching technology and wire cutting. The mold is welded firmly, the surface is flat, and there is no virtual welding phenomenon. It is used without deformation for 100,000 times and does not wear.

    2. In order to ensure the standard of the mold is correct, customers of custom hollow brick molds should specify the mold size and brick machine model.

    3. Mainly produces hollow brick molds, cement brick molds, standard bricks, porous blocks, slope protection block, grass planting paver, S bricks, concrete pavers and other specifications.

    4. Since the models of the bricks are not the same, the models of the brick machines produced by each brick machine manufacturer are not uniform. In order to ensure the size of the molds, it is recommended that you provide the mould drawing you ordered.

    5. If the customer needs technical personnel to install, our factory can send technicians to install and debug.

    Since the model of the concrete block machine is different, the brick machine model produced by each brick machine manufacturer is not uniform. In order to ensure that the mold size is qualified, it is recommended that you accurately measure your size or draw a drawing when ordering the mold.We create excellent products with professional quality. The strong production force, complete production equipment, perfect testing methods, complete quality system, and considerate after-sales service have won a good reputation for our equipment, and have also enabled our company to continue to grow and develop in the competition in the same industry.

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